How To Use Them?
  1. The presentations provided here are either in PowerPoint format / flash format.
  2. They can be downloaded and stored for future use.
  3. Details of these presentations can be had from my site: Online textbook of otolaryngology .
  4. Some of these presentations could contain relevant surgical videos also. Hence their download size could be a bit big.
  5. I have avoided voice overlay in these presentations to enable you to customize you lecture.
  6. I have deliberately avoided animations in order to prevent distractions during the class.
  7. You need to have the current version of flash player in your system to run the flash files.
  8. The files provided by me have already been scanned for viruses.
  9. I intend to provide presentation on a continuing basis. Pl. do visit this site as often as possible.
  10. You are not permitted to remove the water marks / add / remove contents to the presentation.
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